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Special Characters—Select Characters and Their Magical Codes

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¼ Fraction One-Fourth
§ Section symbol
² Superscript Numeral Two
™ Trademark symbol
• Bullet
¢ Cent Sign
÷ Mathematical Division Operator Sign
« Left Double Angle Quotation Mark
ñ Latin Small Letter N with Tilde
” Right Double Quotation Mark
… Ellipsis
‰ Per Mille Sign
¶ Pilcrow; Paragraph symbol
¦ Broken Vertical Bar
Non-Breaking Space
¤ Currency Sign
Ø Latin Capital Letter O with Stroke
¯ Macron; Overscore
» Right Double Angle Quotation Mark
— Em Dash
° Degrees symbol
© Copyright symbol
¥ Yen Sign
³ Superscript Numeral Three
‡ Double Daggar
‘ Left Quotation Mark
¿ Inverted Question Mark
á Latin Small Letter A with Acute
½ Fraction One-Half
“ Left Double Quotation Mark
ç Latin Small Letter C with Cedilla
– En Dash
¡ Inverted Exclamation Point
¬ Mathematical Not Operator symbol
¹ Superscript Numeral One
· Middle Dot
é Latin Small Letter E with Acute
× Mathematical Multiplication Operator Sign
‹ Left Angle Quotation Mark
µ Micro Sign
± Mathematical Plus or Minus Sign
’ Right Quotation Mark
› Right Angle Quotation Mark
ó Latin Small Letter O with Acute
® Registered symbol
£ Pound Sign
† Daggar
¾ Fraction Three-Fourths

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