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Can you name the US Marine Battles of the Pacific Theater?

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DescriptionBattle or LocationHint/ Date
Opening Battle of the Pacific TheaterDec 7th ,1941
First US land to be taken by the JapaneseDec 8th-10th 1941
Last Stand of 1st Marine Defense BattalionDec 8th- 23rd 1941
4th Marines overrun on this islandMay 5th- 6th 1942
Unopposed landing on this island in 1942Aug 7th 1942
Battle near Guadalcanal, 1st RaidersAug 7th- 8th 1942
Small islands attacked near GuadalcanalAugust 7th- 9th 1942
Island raided by Marine Raiders, 1942Aug 17th- 18th 1942
1st Marines defense of the Ilu riverAug 21st 1942
Battle for a small hill near Henderson FieldSept 14th- 16th 1942
Solomon river fought over back and forthSept- Nov 1942
Battle of John Basilone's famous actionsSept 23rd- 26th 1942
Raider chase of Japs escape from KoliNov 6th- Dec4th 1942
Campaign after the Guadalcanal battleJune 20th- August 25th 1943
4th Raiders capture of this Jap harborJune 28th- July 1st 1943
DescriptionBattle or LocationHint/ Date
Raider failure to capture this Jap portJuly 20th 1943
2nd Paramarine's raid of this islandOct 28th- Nov 3rd 1943
Place of Marine landing on BougainvilleNov 1st 1943
Small island attacked by the 2nd MarDivNov 20th- 23rd 1943
Island attacked to isolate Rabaul Dec 26th 1943- April 22nd 1944
Small Kwajalein islands captured in 1944Feb 1st 1944
Atoll attacked by 22nd Marines in 1944Feb 17th- 22nd 1944
Battle famous for civilian suicidesJune 15th- Jul7 9th 1944
Island captured near SaipanJuly 24th- August 1st 1944
US territory and USMC barracks returnedJuly 21st- August 8th 1944
Massive casualties taken on this islandSept 15th- Oct 1944
Nickname for the Umurbrogol hillsPeleliu
Famous flag raising picture taken hereFebruary 19th- March 26th 1945
Last Battle involving the MarinesApril 1st- June 22nd 1945
Day of Japanese Surrender

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