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Infamous 'Shoot Promo'
1/2 of Tag Team Champions BEFORE Air-Boom
FORMER Superstars Ring Announcer/Currently Dating Cody Rhodes
A former Corre Member and First one to leave the stable
NXT Season 4 Winner
Won the 'Mistletoe on the Pole' Match in December
'Leader' of The Corre
Lost the World Heavyweight Championship in less than a week to Randy Orton
Huge push for his popular Youtube Show
Announced to the world she is Pregnant
Smackdown Money of the Bank winner
Awaiting Debut on RAW
Host of NXT
Defeated Jerry Lawler on Wrestlemania
First person voted out of NXT Redemption
Winner of Tough Enough
First victim of Kharma
was released because of rumors of the incident on 'Wrestlemania'
Has not appeared on WWE Television since his match on Wrestlemania
Returned to WWE as a commentator
was in a tag team with Santino; released
first speculated signing of a Tough Enough Contestant; Claimed it on twitter
Smackdown GM
The Divas Champion entering 2012
Heel turned segment on Smackdown was scrapped because of 'no time'
Was Cody Rhodes's bitch until he attack him and challenged him for his titles on Night of Champions
Attacked R-Truth and 'injuring' him
RAW Money of the Bank Winner
Only African American to win one of the Major Titles in WWE
Lost his championship for spitting on his opponent
received a Glam Slam off the top rope
Wears a green sock
RAW Ring Announcer
NXT pro of 'Titus O'Neil'
Known for botching alot; High-Flyer
The Great Khali's brother-in-law
Only WWE Diva to make it on Maxim's 'Hot 100'
Was blamed for this superstar's de-push and eventual release
Challenging John Cena in 2012's Wrestlemania
De-pushed for being too 'Green'
The only diva to debut in 2012 on a main show match
Last person to join Nexus
Random face turn for a tag team after being drafter to Smackdown
Attacked CM Punk and making him lose the championship
Got hit with flowers on NXT
won the WWE Champion on Night of Champions
1/2 of Divas of Doom
Replaced Vince McMahon
Eliminated herself from a battle royale
returned to NXT and is the 'starlet' of NXT
WWE Superstars commentator
entered 2012 as the tag team champions (Nickname)
manager of Dolph Ziggler
was 'sandbagged' by Alex Riley while trying to do his finisher
usually the one to lose in the typical '7vs7' divas tag team matches
Fake Sin Cara
Injured during her match in Extreme Rules
uses Maria's old theme song
hyped for a return on January 2, 2012

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