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Can you Conjugate the French ER Verb Spelling Changes?

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Prononcer- To Prononce
Voyager- To Travel
Annoncer- To Announce
Balancer- To Swing
Commencer-To Start
Défoncer- To Smash In
Bouger- To Move (your body)
Changer- To Change
Corriger- To Correct
Dégager- To Release/Set Free
Acheter- To Buy
Achever- To Complete
Emmener- To Take Along/Escort
Enlever- To Remove
Épeler- To Spell
Appeler- To Call
Ensorceler- To Bewitch
Étinceler- To Sparkle/Glitter
Ficeler- To Tie
Niveler- To Level
Déplacer- To Move (something)
Devancer- To Get Ahead Of
Manger- To Eat
Nager- To Swim
Effacer- To Erase
Épicer- To Spice
Façonner- To Craft/Manufacture
Financer- To Finance
Grimacer- To Make Faces
Déménager- To Move (house)
Encourager- To Encourage
Exiger- To Demand
Ranger- To Clean/Tidy Up
Venger- To Avenge
Plonger- To Dive
Répéter- To Repeat
Céder- To Yield
Gérer- To Manage
Lécher- To Lick
Préférer- To Prefer
Posséder- To Own
Révéler- To Reveal
Rappeler- To Recall/Remember/Remind
Renouveler- To Renew
Lacer- To Tie/Lace Up
Menacer- To Threaten
Percer-To Pierce/Drill
Placer- To Place
Poncer- To Sand
Héberger- To Host
Mélanger- To Mix
Négliger- To Neglect
Partager- To Share
Protéger- To Protect
Lever- To Raise
Mener- To Lead
Peser- To Weigh
Semer- To Sow
Considérer- To Consider
Espérer- To Hope
Exagérer- To Exaggerate
Influencer- To Influence
Remplacer- To Replace
Renoncer- To Give Up
Célébrer- To Celebrate
Déléguer- To Delegate

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