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Can you name the Super Mario Basic Enemies?

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 Shroom with Wings
 Turtle Power!
 Turtle that can Fly
 It blow up
 The Dog like thing that bites. It's a circle!
 Smashes stuff
 Wind up Turtle
 The bar of flames that spins
 I AM BOOLET-PROOF! Wait, I am a bullet...
 Stop! Hammertime!
 Pink Dinosaur
 Jason Vorhees, only small and in a robe
 Hey, he stole Baby Mario!
 They come out of pipes to bite you.
 Hot Red stuff that actually exists in the real world
 Insect invulnerable to fire.
 Throws the next enemy at you, in a cloud
 Insect with spikes on it
 Fluffy Ninja
 Well not really an enemy now, big gorilla
 Eyeball that shoots lazers. Only in SM64 so be careful.
 Gives light, charges you in the desert level from SMB3
 Sniper Jason
 Final Boss of almost every game in the series ever.
 Skeletal Koopa
 Guy with a mohawk, throws spiked ball at you

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