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 First Shoot 'em up (SHMUP)
 First Platformer
 First Adventure Game
 First FPS
 First Text Adventure Game
 First Point and Click Game
 First Fighting Game
 First Board Game Video Game
 First Sports Game (Oscilloscope)
 First Puzzle Game
 First Game Console
 First Coin-Operated Arcade Game
 Games that are often believed to have caused the Crash of '83
 First Racing Game
 First M Rated Game
 First Survival Horror Game
 First Game with Polygons
 First Handheld
 First Motion Controller
 First MMO
 First Console RPG
 First Music Rhythm Game
 First First Commercially Successful Video Game
 First Multiplayer Game
 First Dual Screen Handheld
 Credited For Creating the ESRB
 First Console to Feature Add-Ons
 Most Well Known Video Game Character ever! (Just a guess but I'm sure you know who he is)

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