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pearl of the indian oceanthis is an island
number of islands in the Seychellesuse the number pad
an extinct bird from l'ile Maurice
a huge garden on lile Maurice
An island in the Indian ocean with tortoisesl'ile d'_______
Madagascar produces 700 tons of this crop every year
The boy's name in 'le ballon prisonnier'
The food that his father does not let him eat because of his gamein english
The real name of Junior Falcone
the active volcano on l'ile de la reunionin french
the island called 'ile intense'
what year was Brazzaville foundeduse the number pad
what year was beausoleil foundeduse the number pad
the acronym for female entreneurs in central Africa
acronym for the African Microfinance Network
the feature person in the feature article about microfinancelast name only
l'homme qui ________ des arbresinsert the verb where there is a blank
do the people realize why everything has regrown in this storyin english
'Bonjour Vietnam' is a what?in english
the Tahiti Pearl Regatta is made up of what kind of boats
hintsanswersBonus facts
On what island is Heiva celebrated
what is the name of the gulf adjacent to Vietnamin english
MC Solar is actually named
name of trees that look like large sausages
Who is the referee 'Le Football'
Who brings (or doesn't) the ball
in 'bonbon au poivre' who is the younger woman
who the older
which of the two congos is the more westerlyin english
film festival for central african film
bank that helps finance development in africaan acronym
important model from Burundifull name
Capital of the Republic of the Congo
Capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

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