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What Pres is credited with writing the Declaration of Independence?
We often say there have been 44 Presidents, but how many individuals have been Pres?
How many Senate Party Leaders have become President?
___ was the tallest Pres and ___ was the shortest.
Which Pres was in office when the S&P 500 first hit 1,500 and the Dow hit 10,000?
Who was the last Pres to own slaves?
The will of which 'silent' Pres was one sentence long?
Who has been runner-up for Pres most?
Who instituted the Interstate Highway system?
How many Presidents have practiced law in some capacity?
Which two presidents have been impeached?
Who was the first millionaire Pres?
Whose 'Doctrine' proclaimed that Europeans could no longer colonize the Americas?
Which Pres vetoed the most bills?
The Louisiana Purchase occurred under which Pres?
Which Pres served the shortest amount of time?
Which Pres believed the Constitution should be drafted anew every generation?
Though he suffered from dyslexia as a child, ___ is the only Pres to earn a PhD.
How many Presidents also served in Congress?
Which Pres vomited on a Japanese Prime Minister?
Who was the only Pres to claim to have seen a UFO?
Who was the last Pres to have serve in both the House and Senate?
Which Pres killed a man who insulted his wife?
Which President is credited with writing the Constitution and Bill of Rights?
Which Pres fathered a child at age 70?
Who served the most time in the Executive Branch (Pres plus VP)?
Which Pres often went skinny dipping in the Potomac River?
How many Vice Presidents have eventually become Pres?
Who was the only Pres associated with the Federalist Party?
Which Pres spoke English as a second language?
Who fought in over a hundred duels?
What was the surname of the two men who instituted the Square Deal and the New Deal?
___ was selected on the 49th ballot of the Democratic Party.
How many Presidents have been governors?
The largest mountain in North America is named after which Pres?
What determines the Pres if no one wins the electoral vote majority?
___ gave the longest inaugural address and ___ gave the shortest.
Who has been Vice Pres to two different Presidents?
Whose middle initial (S) doesn't stand for anything?
How many Presidents were Speaker of the House?
___ Presidents died in office and ___ of those were assassinated.
How many Presidents were also Masons?
How many Presidents were members of the Whig Party?
___ was the heaviest Pres ever and ___ was the lightest.
Under which Pres was the first White House destroyed?
Who was the last Pres to win the Nobel Peace Prize?
Which Pres took his oath on a book of law rather than a Bible?
In what city was Kennedy assassinated?
How many Presidents share a surname with at least one other Pres?
___ was on the cover of Cosmo, but is the only postwar Pres not to be Time's Person of the Year.
Which future Pres fell down drunk during his VP inauguration speech?
Which Pres could speak in German while writing in Latin and Greek all at the same time?
Who served as Pres the longest?
Which Pres kept a lion and bear cub in the White House?
Who freed his slaves in the (unsuccessful) hope that it would inspire his successors to do the same?
Who is the only Pres to serve in Congress after being Pres?
Who won the largest landslide in terms of popular votes?
Which Pres smoked 20 cigars a day?
Who was the only bachelor Pres?
The first salary of the Pres was $__ thousand and now it is $___ thousand.
Who is the only Pres to have had a divorce?
Who was Pres at the end of Vietnam War?
Which Pres donated 6,500 of his books to the Library of Congress?
How many Presidents have an MBA?
The first televised debate was Nixon VS Kennedy in 1960. When was the next?
Whose pallbearers included Lincoln's son, Louis Tiffany, and Cornelius Vanderbilt?
Which Pres said his greatest regret was not killing Congressmen Henry Clay and John C Calhoun?
Which two Presidents are on both coins and bills?
Which Pres befriended Nathaniel Hawthorne in college?
Which postwar Pres had the highest overall approval rating average?
Which of our postwar Presidents had the lowest average unemployment?
In what year did Washington take office?
Who was the first Republican Pres?
Who was Pres when women were granted the right to vote?
Who served the most years as an elected political official?
Who was the youngest Pres sworn in?
Which Pres had a son who would one day be Senate Majority Leader?
___ was the youngest Pres elected and ___ was the oldest.
Name the two non-Presidents on current US paper currency.
After life in the navy, which Pres earned his living as a peanut farmer?
Which Pres was Chief Justice of the Supreme Court?
Which Pres was ambassador to the UN?
Who once gambled the White House's china in a card game?
Which President's horse was shot out from under him four times in the Civil War?
How many votes away from impeachment was Andrew Johnson?
Who was Pres when unemployment hit 10.8%, the highest since the Great Depression?
Which Pres was born on the 4th of July?
Which two future Presidents served in the same Ohio regiment during the Civil War?
Who was the first Pres to ride in an airplane, automobile, and a submarine?
How old was Jackson when he was admitted to the North Carolina bar?
Who is the only Pres to win a Pulitzer Prize?
Which Pres pardoned the most people?
Who was the first Democratic Pres?
Who was the first Pres to be assassinated?
How many Presidents have been generals?
How many Presidents earned a degree from Harvard?
Which Pres was never elected as Pres or Vice Pres?
In which state were the most Presidents (8) born?
Which two Presidents signed the Declaration of Independence?
Who was the last Pres that was neither a Democrat or a Republican?

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