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Where did Illyrio and Varys meet?
As of the end of ADwD, what 'Soiled Knight' is the only man with only one POV chapter?
What beloved king (born 150 years ago) imprisoned his three sisters?
When Jaime receives Cersei's begging letter at the end of AFfC he tells the maester to put it in the ___.
Who gets Riverrun to surrender to the Lannisters and Freys in AFfC?
In which Kingdom would you find the Bloody Gate and bastards with the surname Stone?
Who is the Warden of the North as of ADwD?
What POV character in ADwD's prologue is also accompanied by three wolves, a bear, and a shadowcat?
Who won the melee at the Hand's Tourney in AGoT?
What future 'Queen's Hand' once 'rescued' King Aerys II during the Defiance of Duskendale?
Who was the mother of Aegon VI and Rhaenys Targaryen?
'Griff' is actually the lord of what house?
What ship takes Arya to Braavos?
Whose House Words are 'Honor, Not Honors'?
Tyrion and Jaime have said that _____ Lannister was their favorite uncle.
What Karstark girl comes to the Wall in ADwD?
What poisoned treats does Belwas eat instead of Dany in ADwD?
From what region in Essos were the 'Andals' from?
Gerris and Archibald are Frog's only remaining companions at the start of ADwD. Who is Frog?
By the end of ADwD we learn that Varys truly supports which House?
What is the seat of House Glover?
What is the name of Penny's brother?
Bronn marries into which House?
What singer gets blamed for Lysa Tully's death?
Who is the eldest Sand Snake?
Which Brave Companion is from Qohor?
Which sellsword company is hired by Aegon VI and Jon Connington?
in which of the Seven Kingdom would you find Blackhaven, Storm's End, Greenstone, and bastards with the name Storm?
Who is the singer that goes with Aemon, Gilly, and Sam?
In what 'Age' did many of the great Houses emerge?
Who was Ned Stark's father?
Which Lannister character abandons his title as Lord of Darry to pledge himself to the Faith?
Whom do the Lords Declarant try to replace?
The ruler of the Iron Islands sits on the ____ Chair.
In ADwD Tyrion finds himself on what boat with Griff and Young Griff?
Aurane Waters is Master or Ships under which king?
In ADwD, ___ is a slave overseer for Yezzan who purchases Tyrion and Penny.
Who commands the Brazen Beasts that help Dany in ADwD?
Who killed herself after her brother Arthur died?
In AFfC who replaces Varys in the position of Master of Whispers?
In which of the Free Cities would you find the Black Wall?
Who was Aegon the Conqueror's older sister?
As of the end of ADwD, who holds the position of King's Hand?
Who is the only character to be a POV character in every book?
The hairy men from what large island north of Essos are known for whaling?
Early in ADwD, Tyrion tells Illyrio that in his youth he wanted to be the ____.
in which of the Seven Kingdom would you find Crakehall, Silverhill, and Ashemark and bastards by the name Hill?
In ADwD, what nickname is given to Moqorro?
What is the largest city in the Kingdom of the North?
As of the end of ADwD, who holds the position of Master of Laws and Justiciar?
Which of Robert's bastard daughters comes in contact with Sansa in the Vale?
What word does Hoster Tully repeat on his deathbed?
What does the Tattered Prince request of Quentyn when Quentyn asks for help?
What is the real name of the Three-Eyed Crow?
Based on clues in ADwD, where is Rickon?
What great continent lies to the south of Essos?
Who was Willas' opponent in the joust that crippled him?
What khal comes upon Dany at the end of ADwD?
Who is Asha's occasional lover?
What red priest does Victarion pick up on the way to Meereen?
Who is knighted by Beric Dondarrion, thus becoming Ser ___ of Hollow Hill?
The character called Reek in ADwD is really ____.
Whose POV chapters are called 'The Merchant's Man,' 'The Windblown' and 'The Dragontamer'?
In AFfC, Petyr makes it clear he plans to wed Sansa to ____.
Who is described as the boy who never lost a battle, but lost all?
Who volunteers in AFfC to Cersei to take Dragonstone?
Who is the POV character in the prologue AFfC?
As of ADwD, which Sand Snake is going to King's Landing to advise the Small Council?
Who tortures Osney Kettleblack to get information about Cersei?
Who escapes from Riverrun after they surrender in AFfC?
What ancient House gave rise to 'cadet branches' Tyrell, Florent, and Oakheart?
In AFfC, Cersei obsesses over the 'Valonqar.' What does it mean?
Who was conceived on the day that a red comet appeared 16 years ago?
In AFfC, whom does Cersei plan to send to kill Jon Snow?
Who is the Archmaester that Sam is taken to at the end of AFfC?
What is the sword of House Dayne?
What is the name of the poison Cressen tries to use on Melisandre?
A white raven signifies the changing of a ____.
What masked woman gives prophetic warnings to Dany?
Whom does Cersei have paranoid thoughts about during her first ever POV chapter?
Who was the Mad King's last Hand?
To what House does Bronze Yohn belong?
Two men from House _____ serve as Hand of the King--one under Aerys and one under Tommen.
In AFfC, what Myrish woman feeds information to both Cersei and Margaery?
When Jon Snow meets Mance, where does Mance say he has seen Jon before?
Who is known as The King Who Knelt?
What Bay sits just beside Storm's End?
Who dresses in Renly's armor during the Battle of the Blackwater?
Who supposedly has Freys cooked up into 'Frey pies'?
What 'occupation' did Illyrio Mopatis have in his youth?
When Tyrion gets rid of Janos Slynt, he puts ____ Bywater in charge of the City Watch.
Tyrion 'translates' the name of the ship Selaesori Qhoran into ____ _____.
Which ancient fortress was used in battles between the First Men and Children?
What are Oberyn's eight illegitimate daughters collectively known as?
After Arys dies, Balon Swann is sent to Dorne to protect _____.
The adversary of the Drowned God is the ___ God.
What is the surname for bastard children from the Reach?
What is the 'password' Quentyn must utter to enter the Purple Locust when he meets the Tattered Prince?
Who teaches Arya braavosi?
Who founded the Golden Company after the Blackfyre Rebellion a hundred years ago?

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