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What was the first game featued on the channel?A) Super PIg
B) Cat Mario
C) Slender: The Arrival
Which of these games did Mariya fully complete?A) Alien: Isolation
B) Outlast
C) Octodad
In which of these videos does Mackenzie appear, but Andrea doesn't?A) Turbo Dismount
B) Muddy Heights
C) Whack Your Boss
Mars first appeared in which of these series?A) Away from Keyboard
B) React
C) Woman Crush Wednesday
Who sung the first line of the song 'Wrecking Ball'?A) Renae
B) Sydney
C) Mariya
How far did Molly get in Give Up 2?A) Level 18
B) Level 16
C) Level 20
In which game did Andrea break a keyboard?A) QWOP
C) Unfair Mario
Which game had the most parts?A) Octodad
B) Among the Sleep
C) Cat Mario
What was Sydney's first instruction in the Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwhich Challenge?A) Grab a slice of bread with a knife
B) Grab a slice of bread with her mouth
C) Grab a slice of bread with her foot
In Dark Deception, what game was Andrea told she would be playing?A) Gears of War
B) Outlast: Whitsleblower
C) Pac-man
In which Happy Wheels part did the girls play the level 'Long Jump'?A) Part 8
B) Part 6
C) Part 14
In the first Evie video, what was Renae’s response when Evie told her that it is real?A) Then show me your tits
B) How many fingers am I holding up?
C) No! You are NOT real!
In F*ck This Game, what key did Sydney have to press in the upper right box?A) X
B) V
C) Y
What was the girls’ first video they reacted to in their React series?A) Smile HD
B) Five Nights at Freddy's 3 trailer
C) Racist Mario
Who did Mars pair up with in the fifth Creepypasta?A) Mariya
B) Sydney
C) Molly
What was the name of the level that Sydney completed whilst looking away from the screen?A) Speed Bridge
B) Prehistoric Pilgrim
C) The Office
In Sonic Unfair, which of these girls finished the game?A) Renae
B) Andrea
C) Mackenzie
In Ingrown Toenail Surgery, which girl started with the left foot?A) Renae
B) Molly
C) Mariya
In the pepper challenge, which pepper made Rashae quit the challenge?A) Ghost Pepper
B) Jalapeno
C) Bell Pepper
Which of these games did Molly not appear in?A) Dungeon Nightmares II
B) Baking Simulator
C) I Am Bread
Who did Mariya pair up with in Bromancing Saga 2?A) Renae
B) Stacy
C) Amber
In Five Nights at Freddy’s 3, what did Mackenzie initially call Springtrap?A) Snapchat
B) Slingshot
C) Slingshat
In which of these videos was Mars sporting blonde hair?A) Five Nights at Freddy's 4
B) Don't Smile or Laugh (React)
C) Dead Bits
In which part of Outlast did Andrea start using the controller?A) Part 12
B) Part 10
C) Part 8
Which 5 Minutes to Kill Yourself instalment did Rashae appear in?A) Reloaded
B) Family Reunion
C) Wedding Day
Which of these videos were uploaded first?A) Bewilder House
B) The Typing of the Dead
C) The Curse of the Chocolate Fountain
Which video was the last video to have captions?A) Curse of the Aztecs
B) Barrels
C) Happy Wheels (Part 1)
In Surgeon Simulator, what tool did Renae attempt to pick up before it flew off the table?A) Hammer
B) Bone Saw
C) Q-tips
In Yandere Simulator, what weapon did Molly use to massacre a bunch of students by the school gate?A) Katana
B) Scissors
C) Knife
Which of these girls did not play Cat Mario?A) Mariya
B) Rashae
C) Molly

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