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What year was the original airing of the show?
Who was the narrator of the TV show?
Who sang the songs?
What are the reasons that the Grinch hates christmas?
Perhaps the most likely reason of all?
What is a feast the Grinch can't stand in the least?
How old is the Grinch?
Who does he turn in to a reindeer?
What is the name of the above answer?
What is the first thing to go at the first Who house?
What did the Grinch take the last can of?
What is the name of the small Who that interrupts the Grinch?
How old is the above answer?
What lie does he tell the little Who when asked why he is taking the tree?
What is the last thing the Grinch took?
What was left?
How big was the speck of food that he left?
What time was it when he was done?
How tall is Mount Crumpit?
What do the Who's do that surprises the Grinch?
When the Grinch is done puzzling, what is sore?
Maybe christmas....
Maybe christmas....
How many sizes did the Grinch's heart grow that day?
Who carved the roast beast?

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