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Can you name the Covid-19 vocabulary in Spanish?

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virus replication (n)
mask/facemask (n)
symptom (n)
to calm (v)
inequality (n)
fear, scare, fright (n)
infected (n)
to get better, to improve (v)
to cough (v)
hand sanitizer (n)
sneeze (n)
sadness, sorrow (n)
to get worse (v)
gloves (n)
transmission (n)
virus, bug (n)
reagent (n)
pandemic (n)
treatment (n)
loss of smell
fever (n)
emergency room (n)
conronavirus (n)
dyspnea (n)
resurgence (n)
contagion (n)
personal protection equipment (n)
to cure, to recover, to treat (v)
to calm down (v)
to infect (v)
to infect, to pass on (v)
herd immunity (n)
danger (n)
to prevent (v)
crowding, overcrowding (n)
viral load (n)
worry, concern (n)
plague (n)
to separate (v)
doctor (n)
suspicion (n)
to implement (v)
calm, tranquillity (n)
diagnosis (n)
epidemiologist (n)
origin (n)
ventilator (n)
pathogen (n)
calm (n)
unfounded rumor (n)
caution, wariness (n)
to disinfect (v)
illness, sickness (n)
prevention (n)
measure (n)
cold (n)
psychosis (n)
mortality rate/death rate (n)
bravery, courage (n)
cotton swab (n)
to survive (v)
virus strain (n)
incubation (n)
blood clot (n)
isolation (n)
shortage (n)
quarantine (n)
carrier (n)
to pass on (a disease) (v)
to vaccinate (v)
infection (n)
to get sick (v)
case (n)
social distancing (n)
health (n)
mortality, death toll (n)
confinement (n)
distrust (n)
nurse (n)
Covid-19 test (n)
dry cough (n)
intensive care unit (n)
to sneeze (v)
screening (for abnormalities) (n)
video call (n)
chills (n)
complaint/ailment (n)
terror (n)
epidemic (n)
droplets/drops (n)
asymptomatic (n)
rate (n)
to die, to pass away (v)
social isolation (n)
to protect (v)
symptomatology (n)
overcrowding (n)
prudence, care (n)
to flatten the curve (v)
precaution, caution (n)
death (n)
antibody (n)
risk (n)
to defeat (v)
to isolate (v)
flare-up/spread of a disease (n)
fear (n)
pneumonia (n)
panic (n)
crowd/mass (of people)
herd immunity (n)
trust, confidence (n)
bottleneck (n)
uneasiness, restlessness (n)
to bury (v)
to spread (a disease) (v)
to recover (v)
nervousness (n)
description (n)
contagion curve (n)
prescription (n)
reservation (n)
dread (n)
tract (n)
variant (n)
loss of taste
asymptomatic (adj)
to get over, to overcome (v)
concern (n)
curfew (n)
to get scared (v)
fatigue (n)
flu (n)
to keep an eye on, to keep watch (v)
distrust, misgiving (n)
prevalence (n)
vaccine (n)

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