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Whose record did Drew Brees break for most passing yards in a single season in NFL history?
Who set the MLB postseason RBI record with 21?
What former Cubs 3rd baseman was posthumously elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame?
What golfer choked a lead in The Masters only to crush the field at the US Open?
What pitcher won both the AL Cy Young and AL MVP?
How many points did Tony Stewart beat Carl Edwards by to win the NASCAR Sprint Cup title?
What kind of hit was Derek Jeters 3000th hit?
The Yankees were the 1st MLB team in history to do something 3 times in 1 game. What was it?
2011 saw the NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament expand to 68 teams, with 4 play-in games. What were these play-in games known as?
During his press conference announcing his retirement, Shaq faked getting a call offering a GM position for what other NBA team?
How many wins did the Boston Red Sox have in all of September?
Urban Dictionary defines this word as 'To get down on a knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different.'
Name 1 of the 2 captains from the NHL All-Star game.
What IndyCar racer tragically lost his life in a crash at the season finale race?
Blake Griffin dunked over what car in the Slam Dunk competition? (make and model needed)
What race did Animal Kingdom win on May 7th?
In 2011, it was announced that this tournament, next held in 2013, would expand its field of competing teams from 16 to 28. What is this tournament?
Fans voted what paralyzed Rutgers player to be on a cover of Sports Illustrated?
Zuffa bought what main competitor of UFC in early March?
Who did Mariano Rivera pass as the all-time saves leader?
Novak Djokovic won 3 of the 4 Grand Slam tournaments of tennis. Which one did he not win?
Alabama fan Harvey Updyke Jr. claimed he poisoned 2 oak trees near what Auburn location?
Sebastian Vettel became the youngest two-time champion of what racing class?
What NHL team moved to Winnipeg to become the Jets?
Who gave the Green Bay Packers their only defeat of the 2011 season?

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