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What number car did Dale Earnhardt Jr. drive in the July Nationwide Series race at Daytona?
Who became the 1st pitcher in MLB history to record 600 saves?
The college hockey game at Michigans 'Big House' shares its name with what 1983 Best Picture nominee?
Who won both the Indy 500 and the IndyCar Series title?
Who joined Don Larsen as the only pitchers to throw a no-hitter in the postseason?
What country won the most gold medals at the 2010 Winter Olympics?
Who forfeited his 2005 Heisman Trophy?
What long-time owner of the Yankees died almost 2 weeks after turning 80?
What NHL team was down 3-0 in the Eastern Conference Semifinals, and won the series 4-3?
Who was the umpire that blew Armando Galarragas perfect game bid?
How did the Saints start the 2nd half of the Super Bowl?
Name one of two MLB teams that played for 20 innings on April 17th.
What MLB team was on the losing end of both a no-hitter and a perfect game?
The UConn Huskies Womans Basketball team had their win streak end at what?
Alberto Contador won what well-known race?
Fill in the blanks: This fall, I'm gonna ____ __ _______ to South Beach - LeBron James
The winning horse in the Kentucky Derby shares its name with what retired Price is Right game?
What NFL venues roof collapsed in December due to strong winds and high snow accumulation?
Whose goal in Overtime gave the Chicago Blackhawks its first Stanley Cup since 1961?
What caused delays totaling over 2 hours at the Daytona 500?
Name one of the two players to play in the Wimbledon match that lasted over 11 hours total.
Whose goal in Stoppage Time gave USA the win over Algeria in the World Cup?
Who won the NASCAR Sprint Cup title for a 5th consecutive year?
Who defeated FC Bayern Munich 2-0 to win the UEFA Champions League?
Who was the only team to have 3 draws in the World Cup group stage?

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