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Can you name people, places & animals in the Bible Christmas stories?

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PlaceProvince of King, where most action takes place
Person...who is in a priestly order named for this person
PersonFirst priest
PersonPriest's wife, first priest's descedant
Supernatural beingThe Most High/The Mighty One
PlaceRoom where incense offered annually before the Lord
Supernatural beingAppears to people
PersonWill make ready a people prepared for the Lord
Supernatural beingPart of God
Group/Place/PersonThe Lord's people/Country/Jacob
PersonProphet whose spirit and power are entering a child
PlaceDistrict where Holy Family moved
PlaceHometown of Holy Family
Personformer King of Israel
Persona man descendant of former King of Israel
Persona virgin engaged to the man
Person/Supernatural beingSon of God/Emmanuel/Messiah
PersonAncestor of Israel
GroupWant child named 'Zechariah', after father
PlaceWhere John goes until he appears to Israel
PlaceProvince of that govenor
PlaceTown where Jesus was born
PlaceJesus' first bed
PlaceThere wasn't room here
GroupKeep watch at night
AnimalsWatched by night
GroupThey suddenly appear, then go to heaven
PersonGave law to Israel
PlaceCity of temple, king's palace
AnimalsSacrifice for purification when designating firstborn male for Lord
PersonRighteous and devout man in temple
PlaceBuilding at center of religious life
GroupTo receive a light for revelation
Person84-year old female prophet
Person...her father
Group/Place/PersonTribe/Region/Son of Jacob he is from
Personrefered to as 'the prophet' (quoted)
Groupfrom the East
Placewhere Wise Men are from
GroupConsulted by King about birth of King of the Jews
PlaceWhere Wise Men enter and see Jesus
PlaceCountry where Holy Family fled
GroupKilled around Bethlehem by king
PersonWeeping prophet (quoted)
PersonWeeping mother in prophecy
PlaceBenjaminte city in prophecy
PersonNew Ruler after King

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