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Corey's eyes like a jungle He smiles, like Radio
Flash and we took a wrong turn, we fell down the rabbit hole
I still have the fire through the darkness at 1:58 remember the look on your face
Come midnight, you can not pick a better headlights
I walked through the door, the air is cold with you
Look, Stephen, I know, but looks can be deceiving I know you have seen the light
Shaking as a ghost standing there in the rain
Created in the City of Angels chasing fame and fortune in the village with a new name
Clear blue water at high tide to come get you
All this time wasted expect you to come back
It gets to the final blow hits you want someone like that sad picture later
I remembered this moment back of my mind
You hand on my waist stand
If you are using words like knives and swords and weapons to use against me
Friday night under the stars in a field behind the yard,

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