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Can you name the matching Google suggestions for each celebrity?

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Select the correct top suggestion by Google for each celebrity when the phrase "is [celebrity name]" is typed in the search box. Enter the letter of the suggestion from the list pictured.
Search phraseSuggestion
Is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ___?
Is Bill Clinton ___?
Is Nancy Pelosi ___?
Is Amy Winehouse ___?
Is Tim Tebow ___?
Is Barack Obama ___?
Is Justin Bieber ___?
Is Tom Brady ___?
Is Aaron Rodgers ___?
Search phraseSuggestion
Is John Boehner ___?
Is Newt Gingrich ___?
Is Lady Gaga ___?
Is Katy Perry ___?
Is Barry Bonds ___?
Is Kobe Bryant ___?
Is George Bush ___?
Is LeBron James ___?
Is Osama bin Laden ___?

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