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Can you name the movie titles with one letter changed from the original, based on the new description?

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DescriptionNew TitleOriginal Title
2008: A brooding billionaire fights a mold infestation in his sprawling mansion by donning a cape and going undercover.
1954: An invalid suspects his apartment is paned in actual glass.
1988: Long-lost brothers, the results of genetic experimentation, set off in search of their mother…and the ultimate diet.
1994: A husband, whose clandestine job has been kept secret from his wife, argues with her over their Tupperware collection.
1993: Things take a turn for the worse when Wyatt Earp, a Western sheriff in a feud with the Cowboys gang, reveals he has an incendiary device and he isn’t afraid to use it.
1955: A wealthy American widow and her attractive daughter team up with a reformed criminal to hunt down the remains of Crazy Horse.
1962: Wealthy playboy Leslie and his nemesis, the evil Professor Fate, find themselves strangely infatuated with the same pair of voluptuous breasts.
DescriptionNew TitleOriginal Title
1983: Han, Leia, Luke, and the gang are surprised to discover a small forest moon populated entirely by Clampett clones.
2006: FBI agent Neville Flynn uncovers a plot to bring down a flight to LA using copious amounts of milk, ice cream, and blenders.
1998: A colony of plucky insects work together to defeat a treasonous group of warriors and their plan to defund music education and theater in the public schools.
2003: A furry alien puppet journeys to New York during the holiday season to find his estranged father and ends up saving Christmas.
2014: In a dystopian future where everyone is equal, one boy longs for the freedom to jump into pools.
2000: A crazed Wall Street executive imagines discussing the theories of Freud and Jung with his peers…or is it all real?
1979: The crew of the Nostromo battles 90s-era sitcom star Tim “The Toolman” Taylor in a desperate attempt to contain the horror and get home safely.

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