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Canada: Who led the failed M├ętis rebellions in the 19th century?
USA: What did John Wilkes booth say after assassinating president Abraham Lincoln?
Mexico: Which Mexican president was elected five times, overthrew a monarchy, and resisted French occupation?
Brazil: What year did Brazil become a republic?
Argentina: Who is considered the founding father of Argentina?
UK: Who was the longest-reigning British monarch?
France: The storming of what marked the beginning of the French Revolution?
Spain: Who conquered Iberia in the 8th century?
Germany: What country played the biggest role in unifying Germany in 1871?
Italy: How many ancient kings did Rome have?
Greece: Who won the Peloponnesian war?
Russia: How many republics was the USSR made of when it was founded?
Iraq: What state was Hamurabbi king of?
Israel: Where were the dead sea scrolls found?
Iran: What was the first Persian imperial dynasty?
India: What kingdom became part of India in 1975?
China: What revolution deposed the last Chinese Emperor?
Japan: Who formed the Tokugawa Shogunate?
Australia: Ned Kelly was a ______. (fill in the blank)
Egypt: Who built the largest of the Giza pyramids?
Ethiopia: What was the name of the Soviet-backed military junta from 1974-1987?

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