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Motto of House Tyrell
Motto of House Baratheon
Motto of House Targaryen
Motto of House Greyjoy
Motto of House Martell
Motto of House Tully
Shireen was inflicted with..?
Symbol of Meereen
Gods worshiped by the Ironborn
Symbol of The Seven
The God of Divine Justice
The God of Mercy, Peace, Childbirth
The God of Purity, Love, Innocence
The God of Wisdom and Foresight
The God of Strength and Courage
The God of creation and craftsmanship
The God of death and unknown
Seat/Castle of House Baratheon
Seat/Castle of House Targaryen
Seat/Castle of House Tyrell
Seat/Castle of House Martell
Seat/Castle of House Lannister
Seat/Castle of House Bolton
Seat/Castle of House Tully
Seat/Castle of House Greyjoy
Seat/Castle of House Arryn
Who did Jon assign as First Ranger
The Prince that was promised
Sword against darkness and Great Other
What did the freed slaves called Daenerys
Melisandre's famous quote
Famous Lannister song
13th Commander of the Nights Watch
Tyrion's first love and former wife
Name of Tywin Lannister's wife
The name of the Race of Men
Merchant Prince who matched Daenerys and Drogo
The Warlock of Qarth
Ruling council of Qarth is known as
What is inside Xaro Xhoan Daxos' vault
Name of Daenerys's Black Dragon
Name of Daenerys's Green Dragon
Name of Daenerys's Bronze Dragon
Holy City of the Dothraki
The battle that defined Robert's Rebellion
The Sellsword company Daario Naharis led
The Pirate who lend ships to Stannis for Blackwater Bay
Where was Melisandre from?
Name of the Lord of Light
Name of the Wildling town attacked by White Walkers
Name of Arya Stark's direwolf?
Name of Sansa Stark's direwolf?
Name of Jon Snow's direwolf?
Name of Bran Stark's direwolf?
Name of Rickon Stark's direwolf?
Name of Robb Stark's direwolf?
The Kingsguard who killed Syrio Forel
Executioner for the crown and ruling house.
Roose Boltons words to Robb Stark as he stabbed him
Joffrey named his sword as
Brienne named her sword as
Name of Jon Snow's sword from Jeor Mormont
First sentence of the Night's Watch's oath
Tormund's last name
Samwell Tarly's nickname
Name of the trees of the Old Gods
Old Gods were originally worshiped by
Founder of House Stark
Founder of House Lannister
The desert Daenerys traveled across
A Dothraki clan or tribe is known as a
A Dothraki title for the wife of a Khal
Dothraki warriors who has pledged their life to a Khal is a
Where was Lord Varys born?
Shae's nickname for Tyrion
What did Tyrion use to win the battle of Blackwater Bay
Oberyn Martell's childrens are known as
Name of Oberyn Martell's sister is
Name of the venom used by Oberyn Martell on the Mountain
Maesters are trained in
A silver link in a Maesters chain means he has mastered
A gold link in a Maesters chain means he's mastered
A black iron link in a Maesters chain means he's mastered
A copper link in a Maesters chain means he's mastered
An iron link in a Maesters chain means he's mastered
The head of the Faith of the Seven is known as
The military order of the Faith of the Seven is known as
Which ancient castle did Tyrion reward Little Finger with
Those who can see through eyes of beasts are known as a
Robb Stark's title during his war
Name of the Wildling who is safeguarding Rickon
The man who leads the Brotherhood without Banners
Name of the Lannister Torturer ar Harrenhal
Iron Bank of Braavos's famous saying
Title of the ruler of Braavos
He was the First Sword of Braavos for 9 years
Where are the famous Warrior Priests from
What city are the Unsullied trained in
Those exiled for severe affliction of Greyscale are known as
How many languages does Missandei speak

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