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What is Stanley's favourite day?
Which colour did Phyllis's bridesmaids wear?
In 'The Fight', Michael has not signed some important documents. What are the employees forced to do?
Which two characters are best friends in real life?
In the pilot episode, who's first days it at Dunder Mifflin
How much money does Michael donate to Oscar's nephew's charity, not realizing it is a walk-a-thon and the amount is per mile?
In S2E6 'The Fight': What is Dwight's Sensei's name?
Who does Jim not invite to his BBQ?
What infamous dictator's speech does Jim trick Dwight into giving at the sales conference?
What is Toby's daughter's name?
What does Michael mistakenly believe Diwali is?
At what resort do we find out Michael and Jan spent their Christmas together?
Michael yells 'Dwight, you ignorant ****!' from the rooftop of Dunder Mifflin. What classic comedy show is he ripping off?
Dwight mercy kills Angela's cat. Name that cat.
In S4E3 'Launch Party' What is the preferred Pizza place among The Office staff?
Where does Jim propose to Pam?
In S5E26 'Company Picnic' What award winning movie do Michael & Holly parody during their presentation?
Where are Jim and Pam Honeymooning?
'There's been a murder in...' Where?
Dwight dresses up as a character for Earth Day. Name that character.

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