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I ince said I was a simple boy from Texas, who am I?
I make a damn fine burger and love to go fishing, who am I?
I was Richard Gilmore's girlfriend before Emily, who am I?
My middle name is Victoria, who am I?
My parents want me to marry a Korean doctor, who am I?
I didn't get into Harvard because I had sex, who am I?
I never told my old boyfriend I was pregnant, surprise over a decade later. Who am I?
My nickname is Digger, who am I?
I have worked nearly every job in town, who am I?
I own the music shop, who am I?
I am very accident prone, oh no is that my hair on fire?! Who am I?
I turned down a wedding proposal and a life in California. Who am I?
My daughter was valedictorian, who am I?
I was Romeo in the school play, who am I?
I danced at the Copacabana, who am I?
I installed the first traffic light in Stars Hollow, who am I?
I proposed with a 1000 yellow daisies, who am I?
My car was devil egged! Who am I?
I played a heated game of bop it with Luke. Who am I?
I thought my husband was having an affair when I found his glitter vest, who am I?

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