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Name of Prue's cop boyfriend
What is the spell book called?
Billie's kidnapped sister
Which actor plays Darryl
What magical being does Leo become?
Creature Piper becomes after Prue's death
The evil version of the book of Shadows is?
A power possessed by white lighters
Piper's first power
Phoebe's boss at the Bay Mirror with whom she had a relationship
Demon who opened Pandora's box
Demon which ruins Phoebe's season 4 wedding?
The name of the sisters' Muse in the episode 'Muse To My Ears'
The magical creatures who protect the forest and the Eternal Spring
The power shared by Paige, Leo, Wyatt, Chris and many others
What is the Charmed One's grandmother's name?
The name of the restaurant Piper used to be the manager of
The actress who plays Paige Matthews in the show
Actress who left after season 3
The symbol on the Book Of Shadows
The place where the demons live:
A powerful race of Demi-Goddesses
Name of Piper and Leo's eldest son
Power only held by the demon Malcolm:
Skilled pupil of the Zen master
The Zen Master's student who turned against his mentor

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