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Can you name the All the Wildcat Species in the world?

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Named for Andes
Named after appearance
Former Charlotte basketball team
Named after Bay
WNBA team
Sometimes called 'African Lynx', though not in family
Fastest land animal
Clouded pattern
WNBA team
Name is a sport
Head is uniquely shaped
Size of domestic cat in South America
WNBA team
South American killer
Name is similar to a big cat
Named for environment
Also called guina, smallest cat in America
Carnivore found in Africa and Asia
Similar to big cat
'King of the Jungle', though not true
Extremely rare Asian cat
Somewhat rare cat in leopard family
Also known as 'dwarf leopard'
'Tiger cat'
Asian grassland cat
Lives in high elevations
North American carnivore
Named after fur pattern
The only desert wildcat
Medium-sized African hunter
Cold-weather carnivore
Biggest cat of them all
Think simple, it is a wildcat species

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