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Can you name the 100 greatest britons according to BBC?

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Life DatesBritishDescription
1874–1965Prime Minister (1940–1945, 1951–1955)
1806–1859Engineer, creator of Great Western Railway and other significant works
1961–1997Princess of Wales
1809–1882Naturalist, originator of the theory of evolution through natural selection
1564–1616English poet and playwright
1643–1727Physicist, mathematician, astronomer, natural philosopher, and alchemist
1533–1603Monarch (reigned 1558–1603)
1940–1980Musician with The Beatles, philanthropist, peace activist, artist
1758–1805Naval commander
1599–1658Lord Protector
1874–1922Polar Explorer (Irish)
1857–1941Founder of Boy Scouts and Girl Guides
849?–899King of Wessex, (reigned 871–899)
1769–1852Military commander, statesman and Prime Minister 1828–1830 and 1834 (Irish)
1925-PresentPrime Minister (1979–1990)
1942-PresentActor and singer
1819–1901Monarch (reigned 1837–1901)
1942-PresentMusician with The Beatles, philanthropist, activist
1881–1955Scottish biologist and pharmacologist, discovered penicillin
1912–1954Pioneer of computing
1791–1867Physicist carried out pioneering work in the field of electricity
1359–1416Prince of Wales
1926-PresentReigning monarch (1952–present)
1942-PresentEnglish theoretical physicist
1494–1536English translator of the Bible
1759–1833Humanitarian, leading Parliamentary abolitionist
1947-PresentEnglish musician
1570–1606English revolutionary and mastermind of the Gunpowder Plot
1917–1992Aviator and charity organiser
1975-PresentEnglish footballer
1737–1809English political philosopher
Life DatesBritishDescription
Died c.60Leader of Celtic resistance to the Roman Empire
1962-PresentOlympic rower
1478–1535English saint, lawyer and politician
1757–1827English author/poet, painter and printer
1693–1776Clock designer
1491–1547Monarch (reigned 1509–1547)
1812–1870English author
1907–1996Jet engine inventor
1888–1946Scottish engineer and television pioneer
1897–1960Labour politician who oversaw the formation of the National Health Service
1962-PresentMusician with Culture Club
1910–1982Aviator and charity campaigner
c.1270–1305Guardian of Scotland
c.1540–1596English naval commander
1703–1791Founder of Methodism
???-???Legendary Celtic monarch
1820–1910Nurse and charity campaigner
1888–1935Arabist and soldier
1868–1912Polar explorer
1847–1922Scottish engineer and telephone pioneer
1946–1991Musician with Queen (Born in Zanzibar)
1935-PresentEnglish actress and singer
1857–1934English composer
1900–2002Queen consort
1943–2001Musician with The Beatles
1926-PresentEnglish broadcaster and naturalist
1868–1916Scottish born leader of the Irish 1916 rising
1781–1848Railway pioneer
1889–1977English comic actor and film director
1953-PresentPrime Minister (1997–2007)
c.1415~1422–c.1492English printer
Life DatesBritishDescription
1941–1993Footballer and Captain of England 1966 World Cup winning team
1775–1817English author
1829–1912Founder of Salvation Army
1387–1422Monarch (reigned 1413–1422)
1875–1947Occultist, writer, and social provocateur; founder of Thelema
1274–1329King of Scots
1951-PresentIrish musician, philanthropis
???-???Unidentified British soldier killed on a European battlefield during the First World War.
1974-PresentMusician and former member of Take That
1749–1823Pioneer of vaccination
1863–1945Prime Minister (1916–1922)
1791–1871Mathematician and pioneer of computing
c.1343–1400English author
1452–1485Monarch (reigned 1483–1485)
1965-PresentAuthor of the Harry Potter Series
1736–1819Scottish developer of the steam engine
1950-PresentBusinessman and adventurer
1960-PresentIrish musician - Singer for Rock Band U2, philanthropist
1956-PresentEnglish musician
1887–1976Military commander
1921–1967Water speed world record challenger
1133–1189Monarch (reigned 1154–1189)
1831–1879Scottish physicist
1892–1973Author of the Lord of The Rings Series
1552–1618English explorer
1239–1307Monarch (reigned 1272–1307)
1887–1979Aviation technology pioneer
1925–1984Welsh actor
1813–1873Missionary and explorer
1955-PresentInternet pioneer and inventor of the World Wide Web
1880–1958Promoter of birth control

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