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Can you name the beasts that appear in Joseph Delaney's Spooks series of books?

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Kind of boggart that frightens people by rapping on their walls and doors at night
Spirit entity that takes the form on animals - those that take the form of goats and dogs are bad, but those in the form of cats and horses may be friendly
Most dangerous of all boggarts, they drain the blood of animals and humans
Kind of six-armed boggart converted from hall knockers
Daemon that takes the form of a black bull or hairy man that saps the life force of humans by whispering or roaring
Fragments of spirits that have been able to move onto the light, only leaving the the dark part of them behind. Over and over they repeat some act from when they were alive
Earth spirits that take the form of a huge black dog and draw strength from human fear
Vampiric spirits that appear only after dark that often possess bears so as to kill humans
Ancient goddess that visits the world every seven years through a portal of a pillar of fire
Vampire god that appears before its victims in the bloated skin of a loved one
Rare insect like beast, found in or near water, with long sharp bone-tube used to suck blood
Ancient Lord of Winter, aroused from long sleep from spell that goes wrong
Goddess with head of a raven that pecks out and eats the eyes of the battlefield dead
Vampiric deamons that enter human bodies through cuts and possess them, though some prefer to possess corpses through wormholes
Souls of suicides, named after the sound they make
Eel-like beasts that live in water, ranging in size from that of a small dog to a house Kills people by squeezing them
The main antagonist of the Wardstone Chronicles, synonymous with Satan
Created by witches as guardians, the souls of drowned sailors are attached to their eyeless bodies
One of the Old Gods, trapped under Priestown Cathedral and feeds on blood Afraid of women
Invisible spirit that wails outside the houses of those about to die

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