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Meaning in EnglishWord in Greek,Americanized, not original
Our economic state is our_______
The study of matter and its movement.
The series of letters used in the english language.
A 26 mile and 385 yard race.
A ruler who gained power in opportunistic ways is a ______
A role model lifted up in society.
The cure to a poison.
What is often used to fill ballons.
Designing sepuences of movement.
Harmful to the human body
Meaning in EnglishWord in Greek,Americanized, not original
A thin piece of land connecting two larger pieces of mand surronded by water.
A material used in mining to aid in the process of digging.
A falsehood often circulated as true.
Having a______of something is being scared of it.
A fore-bearer of news.
The study of animals.
Meaning Heart.
A story with a moral involving talking animals is a _______
Another word for the basic meaning of an enzyme.

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