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Can you guess all the correct answers of these Family Guy trivia questions?

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What animal does Peter bring home when the entire town of Quahog thinks the world is going to end
What does Peter dress up as for Meg's bachelor party
Which of Meg's friends did Brian have a crush on
Which foreigner helps Peter understand sarcasm
Why does Peter's deaf coworker get to take short breaks
Where is Peter's real father from
What is his name
Where was Peter born
When the guys make a lemonade stand, what is the special ingredient
What is the lead member of KISS' nickname for Lois
What is Peter's legal name
According to 'Inside Family Guy' what happens every week
Which celebrity has a high school named after him and stole Peter's identity
Who did Quagmire bring to dinner in 'And Then There Were Fewer' unaware that the rest of the main cast were to appear
Who is revealed to be the killer in 'And Then There Were Fewer'
Who are the two Portugeese men who accompany Peter on his fishing trips
What does Brian ask Stewie for when he gets pulled over
Who is Stewie's arch-nemesis and Peter's biological son
What is Lois' psychotic brother's name
What is Lois' sister who marries Adam West's name
What is the crossover with the Simpsons titles
Who does Stewie vow to stop thinking about
Who is Stewie's on and off girlfriend
How many times did the show get cancelled
How did it get revived
What type of animal hid in Chris's closet until it moved on
Who's closet did the Evil Monkey hide in after Chris's
Peter once made a religion following which character from Happy Days
What is Peter's 'cooking specialty'
What is Stewie's middle name
Who was the last to die in 'And Then There Were Fewer'
Who takes the SAT for Meg
What is the name of the junior high school in Quahog?
What did Peter finally experience when he was 30 years old?
What was Brian's mother's name
What was his father's name
Why did the monkey in Chris's closet become evil?
Where was Peter's first job
What was his bosses name
What is the name of Peter's African American relative

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