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ACo-founder of Microsoft (with Bill Gates), a major company based in Seattle.
BThis multinational aircraft manufacturer was founded in Seattle in 1916.
CThe name of the World Fair held in Seattle in 1962.
DThe city is named after the chief of two tribes, the Suquamish and the ....
EThe city borders at this Bay.
FAccording to its motto, Seattle is the city of goodwill and this.
GThe firm of this British architect was responsible for the Space Needle.
HSeattle born rock guitarist known for hits like Voodoo child & The wind cries Mary.
IThe main route between Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, British Columbia, passing by Seattle.
JSeattle Daily ... of Commerce is a newspaper based in the city.
KThe County the city is part of.
LSeattle Central ... can hold about 1.45 million books and other materials.
MProfessional Baseball team from Seattle, competing in the MLB.
NKurt Cobain, died in Seattle in 1994, was founder & the leadsinger of this grunge band.
OCapital of answer W.
PThe name of the (geographical) sound bordering the city. Related to answer E.
QFrom 1869 to 1982 this was the nickname of Seattle.
RMount ... is a large active stratovolcano located 54 miles southeast of Seattle
SProfessional Football team from Seattle, competing in the NFL.
TSeattle-... International Airport is the city's major commercial airport.
USeattle is twinned with many cities, including the capital of this Asian country.
VThe first European known to have visited the city's location.
WThe US state where Seattle is located.
ZThe lead singer for the Seattle punk band The Gits, who died in Seattle.

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