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Can you name the facts related to this Dutch city of Breda?

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AThe first edition (1966) of this Dutch major cycling race started in Breda.
BBreda was a major city in this Duchy in the Low Countries, until it got dissolved in 1795. Nowadays the common, local name of its province.
CManager of Elvis Presley, born in Breda.
DDJ, multiple times chosen as best DJ in the World. Born as Tijs Verwest. DJ XXX.
FThe sport played by NAC Breda, the most famous (professional) sports team within the city.
GDutch former professional MotoGP racer from the 1990's and 2000's, born in Breda.
HThe high-speed railway line connecting Breda with Amsterdam & Schiphol Airport
IIn this US state there's located, being named after Breda.
KThis military acedemy is situated in the Castle of Breda. Dutch name/abbreviation.
MThe armoured division of this Polish general liberated the city of the German occupiers during WWII.
NThe country Breda is being part of this European country.
OThe official name of the Grote Kerk (Grand Church) in the old city center
PVillage located in the same municipality. Part of the name of the city's second train station
RBreda is a diocese of this Christian church.
SThe Treaty of Breda (1667) ended the 2nd Anglo-Dutch War. This treaty included the trade of Dutch colony New Amsterdam (New York) with this former Dutch colony in South America.
TThe Dutch version of the Trojan Horse, of an important and battle in the Dutch Revolt in 1590.
UDutch village divided by the municipalities of Breda and Alphen-Chaam.
VThe central park of the city.
WDutch ''Father of the Fatherland''. Killed in Delft, burried in The Hague, but his base during the Dutch Revolt was Breda.
ZOne of the two Polish cities Breda is twinned with.

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