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Can you name the Popes resigning from their reign instead of dying in office?

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21 July 230-28 September 235Exiled by Roman authorities
30 June 296-1 April 304Said to have been tainted by offerings to the pagan gods during the Diocletian persecution
17 May 352-24 September 366Banished by Emperor Constantius II
January 1004-July 1009Abdicated and he retired to a monastery
20 January 1045-10 February 1045Driven out of office by the return of Benedict IX
22 May 964-23 June 964Deposed by the Emperor Otto
October 1032-September 1044, April 1045-May 1045 & November 1047-July 1048Deposed briefly from his first term as pope, bribed to resign his second term after several reputed scandals, and also resigned his third term.
April/May 1045-20 December 1046Accused of simony for bribing Benedict IX to resign
5 July 1294-13 December 1294Lack of competence for the office
30 November 1406-4 July 1415To end the Western Schism
19 April 2005-28 February 2013Physical infirmity/advanced age (86 at the time of his renunciation)

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