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Can you name the movies winning 3 or more Golden Globes in the major categories (picture, actor, actress, director)?

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1943/44Picture, Jennifer Jones (Actress), Henry King (Director)
1945/46Picture, Ray Milland (Actor), Billy Wilder (Director)
1949/50Picture, Broderick Crawford (actor), Robert Rossen (Director)
1950/51Picture, Gloria Swanson (Drama Actress), Billy Wilder (Director)
1954/55Drama, Marlon Brando (Actor), Elia Kazan (Director)
1957/58Drama, Alec Guinness (Actor), David Lean (Director)
1957/58Musical/Comedy, Taina Elg & Kay Kendall (both Actress)
1959/60Comedy, Jack Lemmon (Actor), Marilyn Monroe (Actress)
1960/61Comedy, Jack Lemmon (Actor), Shirley MacLaine (Actress)
1964/65Musical/Comedy, Rex Harrison (Actor), George Cukor (Director)
1965/66Drama, Omar Sharif (Actor), David Lean (Director)
1966/67Drama, Paul Scofield (Actor), Fred Zinnemann (Director)
1967/68Musical/Comedy, Anne Bancroft (Actress), Mike Nichols (Director)
1969/70Drama, Geneviève Bujold (Actress), Charles Jarrott (Director)
1970/71Drama, Ali MacGraw (Actress), Arthur Hiller (Director)
1971/72Drama, Gene Hackman (Actor), William Friedkin (Director)
1972/73Drama, Marlon Brando (Actor), Francis Ford Coppola (Director)
1974/75Drama, Jack Nicholson (Actor), Roman Polanski (Director)
1975/76Drama, Jack Nicholson (Actor), Louise Fletcher (Actress), Miloš Forman (Director)
1975/76Musical/Comedy, George Burns & Walter Matthau (both Actor)
1976/77Musical/Comedy, Kris Kristofferson (Actor), Barbra Streisland (Actress)
1976/77Peter Finch (Drama Actor), Faye Dunaway (Actress), Sidney Lumet (Director)
1977/78Musical/Comedy, Richard Dreyfuss (Actor), Marsha Mason (Actress)
1980/81Drama, Mary Tyler Moore (Actress), Robert Redford (Director)
1984/85Drama, F. Murray Abraham (Actor), Miloš Forman (Director)
1985/86Musical/Comedy, Jack Nicholson (Actor), Kathleen Turner (Actress), John Huston (Director)
1989/90Drama, Tom Cruise (Actor), Oliver Stone (Director)
1989/90Musical/Comedy, Morgan Freeman (Actor), Jessica Tandy (Actress)
1994/95Drama, Tom Hanks (Actor), Robert Zemeckis (Director)
1997/98Musical/Comedy, Jack Nicholson (Actor), Helen Hunt (Actress)
2002/03Musical/Comedy, Richard Gere (Actor), Renée Zellweger (Actress)
2005/06Musical/Comedy, Joaquin Phoenix (Actor), Reese Witherspoon (Actress)
2015/16Drama, Leonardo DiCaprio (Actor), Alejandro Iñárritu (Director)
2016/17Musical/Comedy, Ryan Gosling (Actor), Emma Stone (Actress), Damien Chazelle (Director)

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