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Can you name the City States from Civilization VI?

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TypeCity StateSuzerain Bonus
TradeYour Trade Routes to foreign cities earn +1 Gold for each luxury resource.
Cultural*Extra 2% Culture with every Great Person ever earned.
Religious*Builders can construct the Monastery improvement, which provides Faith and heals religious units.
Industrial*Additional Production for Coastal tiles.
IndustrialYour bonus resources behave like luxury resources, providing +1 Amenity per resource.
IndustrialYour cities receive +15% bonus Production towards Wonders.
MilitaristicEach Encampment in your cities provides a extra trade route.
ScientificYour cities earn +15% bonus Science output when you are not at war with any civilization.
Militaristic*Builders can construct the Alcazar improvement, which protects military units and provides Culture.
ScientificProvides you with 1 copy of each strategic resource you have revealed but do not own.
IndustrialYour Cities get +20% bonus Production towards city projects
TradeYour trading posts at international destinations grant +1 additional Gold to all trade routes that pass through them.
ReligiousAutomatically converts to the Religion you founded and exerts pressure for that religion as if it were a Holy City.
MilitaristicYour units receive double experience from battles they initiate.
ReligiousReceive a Relic every time you discover a new Natural Wonder, and earn +50% bonus Faith from all Relics.
CulturalYour trade routes to any city-state provide +2 Culture and +1 Gold for every specialty district in the origin city.
ReligiousYour Builders can now make Colossal Heads improvements. (A tile improvement that produces +2 Faith)
TradeYour Trader units are immune to being plundered on water tiles.
CulturalYour cities all have full Housing from water, as if they were next to a river.
Trade*Bonus Amenities in cities with a Commercial Hub.
CulturalYour districts on or next to Coast tiles provide +2 Culture.
Scientific*Improved City growth for cities with a Campus.
MilitaristicYour light and heavy cavalry units have +5 combat strength when fighting on Hill tiles.
IndustrialRegional effects from your Industrial Zone and Entertainment Complex districts reach 3 tiles farther.
ScientificWhen you enter a new era, earn a random Eureka from that era.
ScientificYour districts provide +1 Great Person point of their type (ex. Great Writer, Great Artist, and Great Musician for Theater Square districts).
MilitaristicAllows the Suzerain to consume Faith to purchase urban centers and military buildings in their cities. Reduces Faith costs.
CulturalWhen you enter a new era, earn 1 random Inspiration from that era.
ReligiousYour Apostle units can choose from any of their possible promotions instead of receiving a random promotion.
TradeReceive the Cinnamon and Cloves luxury resources. They cannot be earned any other way in the game, and provide 6 Amenities each.

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