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QUIZ: Can you name the an you fill in the most Memorable Damon Salvatore Quotes?

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Forced Order
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Fill the gap...Answer
It's good to be ________ I may stay a while
Vicky: I know you Damon: Well that's ___________
Damon: I'm Damon, Stefan's brother Elena: Stefan never said he had a brother Damon: Well, Stefan isn't ___ __ ____
Stefan: Stay away from Elena Damon: I ____ ____ __ __ _________
It's cool not growing old, I like _____ ___ _______ ____
Elena: You did this. This is your fault. Damon: You confuse me with someone with _______
Stefan smiled. ______ ___ _____
Vampires can't procreate ______ __ ____ __ ____ __ ____
Fill the gap...Answer
You piss me off, _ ____ ___ ____
Alaric: She's human Damon: And I'm not so _ ____ ____
Stefan: Anna took Elena Damon: Yeah, I got that from your ___ ________
I mean this sincerely. I ____ _____ ____
If I had a ____ _____ not a way to get on it
Today has been a __ ____ ____ ___ day
I like being a ______ ____ ______

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