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The deer.
Falls through a portal into our world where she finds love with a man and his daughter.
Has two brothers and flies out a window.
A very well known mouse.
Mice comes to rescue her.
Has a fairy god mother and loses a shoe.
A famous duck.
Becomes a Queen in the film.
Lives in a Lost Empire.
Pretends to be a man so her father doesn't need to fight.
Friend of Taran.
A video game character who loves to race.
Goes to a strange world and has tea.
Scottish lass who can shoot arrows.
Talks to a tree and wants peace.
Lives in the Greek age and hates riding a flying horse.
Can fly and lives in Neverland.
As an alien as a pet.
English woman in the jungle.
Loves to read and falls for a Beast.
Is a dog and gets treated badly by the aunt.
Loves her sister and wants to build a snowman.
Really long hair and wants to see the lanterns.
A lioness.
Lives with 7 little men.
Works really hard, wishes on a star and turns into a frog.
Wants to be part of this world and loses voice.
She falls asleep and wears blue or pink dress.
Gypsy woman in France.
Has a tiger as a pet.

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