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Can you name the actors/actresses who have portrayed multiple real people?

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Real Life PeopleActor
F. Scott Fitzgerald & Hank Williams
Henry Hill & 'Shoeless' Joe Jackson
Che Guevara & Maziar Bahari
Theodore Roosevelt Jr. & Chester W. Nimitz
Franklin D. Roosevelt & Bunny Breckinridge
Sigmund Freud & Frank Hopkins
Cameron Winklevoss & Clyde Tolson
Thaddeus Stevens & Clay Shaw
Richard Loving & John Connolly
King Henry VIII & William Bligh
Dick Cheney & Baby Face Nelson
Anthony 'Swoff' Swofford & Robert Graysmith
Sydney Schanberg & Frank Canton
Davy Crockett & William Tecumseh Sherman
Real Life PeopleActor
Laurence Olivier & Henry V
Amon Göth & Charles Van Doren
Alan Isaacman & Nelson Rockefeller
Giacomo Casanova & Jacob Grimm
Joe Gould & Harvey Pekar
Bobby Fischer & Red Pollard
Diego Rivera & Dick Suskind
Jack Swigert & Jack Brennan
Rudolf Abel & Thomas Boleyn
Vince Papale & Micky Ward
Paul Rusesabagina & Miles Davis
Edward R. Murrow & William Seward
'Wild Bill' Hickok & Charles S. Howard
Edward Snowden & Philippe Petit

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