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Can you name the actors/actresses who have portrayed multiple real people?

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Real Life PeopleActor
Che Guevara & David Alfaro Siqueiros
Eugene O'Neill & Jimmy Hoffa
Solomon Northup & Thabo Mbeki
Penny Chenery & Paulette Goddard
Thomas Becket & King Henry VIII
Alan Turing & Julian Assange
Richard Nixon & William S. Paley
Jim Thorpe & Robert Stroud
Gerda Wegener & Caroline Mathilde
Michelangelo & Andrew Jackson
Antonio Salieri & Bernardo Gui
Marie Curie & Eleanor Roosevelt
Vasily Zaytsev & Errol Flynn
Della Bea Robinson & Kay Amin
Real Life PeopleActor
John Bayley & Denis Thatcher
Mark Zuckerberg & David Lipsky
Janet Leigh & Mary Boleyn
Nancy Reagan & Lillian Hellman
Ron Kovic & Claus von Stauffenberg
Anna Leonowens & Sheilah Graham
William Wallace & Fletcher Christian
Christine Collins & Mariane Pearl
June Carter Cash & Cheryl Strayed
Michael Rezendes & Dave Schultz
Jane Wilde Hawking & Nelly Ternan
Mary Todd Lincoln & Betty Mahmoody
Ike Turner & Bumpy Johnson
Pat Nixon & Elizabeth Proctor

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