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Can you name the actors/actresses who have portrayed multiple real people?

Quiz Updated Aug 3, 2016

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Real Life PeopleActor
Elizabeth II & Sophia Tolstaya
Annie Sullivan & Helene Hanff
Dian Fossey & Queen Isabella
Betty Shabazz & Tina Turner
Steve Jobs & Carl Jung
Lenny Bruce & Charles Frohman
Maria von Trapp & Gertrude Lawrence
Sister Prejean & Michaela Odone
Ray Charles & Nathaniel Ayers
Clyde Barrow & John Reed
Édith Piaf & Billie Frechette
Wilhelm Grimm & Mark Whitacre
Christy Brown & Abraham Lincoln
Alvin York & Marco Polo
Real Life PeopleActor
Father Flanagan & Thomas Edison
Princess Diana & Valerie Plame
Wyatt Earp & Eliot Ness
Max Perkins & King George VI
Queen Victoria & Elizabeth I
David Frost & Tony Blair
Jesse James & Billy Beane
Domino Harvey & Georgiana Cavendish
Vincent van Gogh & Spartacus
Alicia Nash & Emma Darwin
Johnny Cash & Abbé de Coulmier
Christopher McCandless & Cleve Jones
Nelson Mandela & Joe Clark
Iris Murdoch & Sylvia Llewelyn Davies

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