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Can you name the these facts about Superman?

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Superman's Birthplace
Superman's Real Name
Superman's Adoptive Name
Superman's Nickname
Superman's Biological Parents
Superman's Adoptive Parents
Marth Kent's Maiden Name
Superman Made His First Apperance In 1938 In What Comic Book
Superman's Creators
Town and State Where Superman Was Raised
What Gives Superman His Powers?
What Is Superman's Major Weakness?
Superman's Occupation
Superman's Place of Employment
Superman's Boss
Superman's First Love
Superman Married This Person
Who Was Best Man at Superman's Wedding?
Who Designed Superman's Costume?
What Is The City Of Tomorrow?
What Was The Capital Of Krypton?
What Was The Name of Krypton's Red Sun?
Superman's Kryptonian Cousin
Superman's Secret Sanctuary
Superman Is A Founding Member of What Superhero Team?
Arch Nemisis
Superman's Imperfect Duplicate
Milton Fine Also Known As
Creature Who Killed Superman
John Corben Also Known As
Was Exiled In The Phantom Zone By Jor-El
Played Superman On TV's Adventures of Superman
Played Superman On The Silver Screen in Superman, The Movie through Superman IV
Played Superman In Superman Returns
Played Superman On Lois & Clark
Plays Superman On Smallville
Faster Than . . .
More Powerful Than . . .
Able To Leap . . .
Superman Fights For . . .

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