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Can you name the pairs of artists that collaborated on a song togther?

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ArtistsY / NSong
Kylie Minogue + Taio Cruz
Jessie J + Owl City
Britney Spears + Christina Aguilera
Ellie Goulding + Skrillex
Chris Brown + Rita Ora
Bruno Mars + Pitbull
Eminem + T-Pain
Katy Perry + Snoop Dogg
Alicia Keys + Jay-Z
Kelly Rowland + Nelly
Beyonce + Kanye West
Katy Perry + Leona Lewis
Flo Rida + Sia
Black Eyed Peas + Leona Lewis
K'naan + Nelly Furtado
B.o.B + David Guetta
Kesha + Pink
Akon + Gwen Stefani
K'naan + Lil Wayne
Justin Timberlake + Nelly
ArtistsY / NSong
B.o.B + Taylor Swift
Labrinth + Tinie Tempah
Usher +
Coldplay + Rihanna
Bruno Mars + Ludacris
Kelly Rowland + Labrinth
Calvin Harris + Example
Dido + Eminem
Avicii + Carly Rae Jepsen
Kid Cudi + Usher
Justin Timberlake + T.I.
Jay-Z + Kanye West
Alicia Keys + Sean Kingston
Example + Rihanna
Neyo + Skrillex
Beyonce + Lady Gaga
Beyonce + Eminem
Leona Lewis + Swedish House Mafia
Akon + Jennifer Lopez
Chris Brown + Jordin Sparks

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