Name the Deaths in the Friday the 13th Series

Can you name the deaths in the Friday the 13th Series

Knifed in stomach
Knifed offscreen
Throat slashed
Throat slashed
Arrow pierced through neck
Axed in face
Killed offscreen and thrown through window
Knifed in stomach
Throat slashed/pinned to door with arrows
Decapitated with machete
Icepick to temple
Garrotted with barbed wire
Found mangled in woods
Hammer claw to head
Throat slashed
Killed offscreen
Macheted in face
Double impalement
Stabbed repeatedly
Cleaver to chest
Knitting needle to back of the head
Pitchfork to the neck
Pitchfork to the stomach
Shot in the eye with a speargun
Cut in half with a machete
Stabbed from behind
Throat slashed
Stabbed in the stomach with a firepoker
Head crushed until eye popped out
Hand cut off and hacked to death
Throat cut with a hacksaw and twisted
Knifed through the neck
Knifed through stomach while on a raft
Speargun shot through crotch
Speared in the back
Corkscrew stabbed through hand, cleavered in face
Thrown through window, landed on Paul's car
Knifed in the back of the head
Head crushed in bare hands
Axed in the chest
Hacked to death
Machete through head, hacked repeatedly
Macheted in stomach
Icepick to the neck
Axed to death
Roadflare shoved in mouth
Throat slit
Axed in the head
Axed in the stomach
Stabbed in the stomach
Garden shears cut through eyes
Head crushed against tree with a leather strap
Thorat slashed
Pipe through stomach from behind
Decapitated with cleaver
Cleaver to the face
Cleaver to the face
Stabbed through stomach from under bed
Throat slit
Road spike through head and throat slit
Eyes gouged out
Impaled on tractor harrow
Stabbed in stomach (possibly dream)
Heart ripped out
Stabbed with pipe
Pipe through mouth
Arm ripped off, head smashed against tree
Double impalement
Face smashed through RV wall
Knife through ear
Killed offscreen, found ripped apart
Head ripped off
Hacked to death
Dart to forehead
Head crushed
Back broken
Tent spike through neck
Tent spike thrown into back and ripped out
Arm through back and neck crushed
Bashed against tree in sleeping bag
Face axed in half
Scythe through neck
Head crushed into a pulp
Party horn shoved in eye
Knifed in the stomach, beheaded
Macheted whacked into neck
Thrown out of window
Speared from behind
Insides ripped out by tree trimmer
Axed in head
Impaled with spear gun
Stabbed with spear
Guitar bashed into head
Hot rock pushed into stomach
Stabbed with numerous glass shards
Speared from behind
Throat slashed
Shot by Wayne
Electrocuted and caught on fire
Impaled on deck post
Axed in back
Needle through chest
Head bashed against a pipe
Head punched off
Died in exploding car
Drowned in a barrel of sewage
Head bashed with wrench
Shot repeatedly, blown up
Probed in the back of neck, face through metal grating
Pencil through spinal cord
Fingers through skull
Slashed with straight razor
Stabbed through back with railroad spike, ripped in half
Killed offscreen, head crushed
Neck broken
Pole to the back
Head bashed against locker
Heads bashed together
Arm broken apart
Shot and crushed
Burnt to death in deep fryer
Face bashed in
Impaled on skewer, head crushed
Stabbed on accident with dagger
Back broken
Head crushed
Pole through back
Head cryogenically frozen and bashed on counter
Macheted through stomach and strangled
Back broken
Head smashed against wall
Neck broken
Impaled on spiral antenna
Throat slashed
Macheted in half
Impaled on anchor
Face crushed, electrocuted
Blown apart
Sucked through metal grating
Bashed to death
Immolated in atmosphere while crashing to Earth 2 with Jason
Stabbed repeatedly, back broken
Beheaded offscreen
Impaled on pipe
Impaled on pipe, thrown
Neck twisted
Burning machete thrown into chest
Macheted to death
Crushed by door
Cut in half with machete
Bleeds to death
Machete thrown, slams viciously into tree
Throat slashed, ear cut off
Suffocated in burning sleeping bag
Repeatedly stabbed
Leg caught in bear trap, macheted in forehead
Throat slashed
Arrow through head
Head smashed with boat, macheted through head
Screwdriver to throat
Axed through back
Impaled on rack, shot by Trent, thrown out window, lands on cop car
Fireplace poker through eye
Macheted through body, impaled on hay baler
Macheted in back and out chest
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