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Can you name all the Episodes of Dynasty?

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Series Premiere
Exit Dale Robertson
Season 1 Finale: Exit Bo Hopkins, Wayne Northrop and Katy Kurtzman
Season 2 Premiere: Enter Joan Collins
Enter James Farentino
Enter Heather Locklear
Season 2 Finale: Exit James Farentino
Season 3 Premiere: Enter Gordon Thomson
Exit Lloyd Bochner
Enter Geoffrey Scott
Enter Kathleen Beller
Enter Jack Coleman
Season 3 Finale
Season 4 Premiere
Exit Lee Bergere
Enter Deborah Adair
Enter Michael Nader
Enter Helmut Berger
Exit Helmut Berger
Exit Geoffrey Scott
Enter Diahann Carroll
Season 4 Finale: Exit Kathleen Beller and Pamela Sue Martin
Season 5 Premiere
Enter Catherine Oxenberg
Enter Rock Hudson
Enter Ali MacGraw
Enter Michael Praed
Exit Rock Hudson
Enter Emma Samms
Season 5 Finale: Exit Ali Mac Graw
Season 6 Premiere
Enter George Hamilton
Enter Kate O'Mara
Exit George Hamilton
Exit Michael Praed
Enter Christopher Cazenove
Enter Ted McGinley
Season 6 Finale: Exit Pamela Bellwood and Catherine Oxenberg
Season 7 Premiere: Reenter Wayne Northrop and Enter Karen Cellini
Enter Leann Hunley
Exit Kate O'Mara
Enter Terri Garber and Exit Karen Cellini
Season 7 Finale: Exit Christopher Cazenove and Ted McGinley
Season 8 Premiere: Enter James Healey and Reenter Bo Hopkins
Exit Bo Hopkins
Season 8 Finale: Exit Jack Coleman, Terri Garber and James Healey
Season 9 Premiere: Exit Leann Hunley
Enter Stephanie Beacham
Exit Linda Evans
Enter Tracy Scoggins
Series Finale

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