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Can you name the minutia of Grey's Anatomy?

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What does Izzy do when she's upset?
What is Cristina's religion? (even if she doesn't practice)
What is Richard's wife's name?
What hospital was Seattle Grace merged with?
How did George die?
Alex used to compete in what activity in college?
Where was Meredith raised?
What university did Meredith attend?
What is Meredith and Derek's marriage certificate?
Where was Hunt stationed when in the military?
What is Callie's full first name?
What is Meredith's favorite kind of alcohol?
Which character has a photographic memory?
What is Bailey's nickname?
What does Derek do the first time Mark enters the show?
What does Rose 'accidentally' do to Derek post-break up?
Where does Derek successfully propose to Meredith?
Where did Derek live before Seattle?
What was the secret ingredient to Izzie's mother's cupcakes?
How many times has Meredith almost died
What colour did the Mercy West residents wear?
What cancer did Izzie have?
What is Addison's surgical specialty?
What is Meredith's father's name?
What instrument does Burke play?
What colour scrubs did Addison originally wear?
Who originally is named chief resident of Seattle Grace Hospital?
Cristina was stabbed with what in the show?
What is the scent of Meredith's conditioner?
What does Derek give Meredith as a present after the domino surgery?
What 'club' do Meredith and Mark say they belong to?
What adjective does Ellis Grey say she wanted Meredith to be?
What colour were the panties that Addison tacked to the board?
What does Richard change about himself to woo 'the ladies'?
What does Meredith win in the residents competition?
What does Addison call her goodluck coffee?
What does George call his and Lexie's appartment?
What is George's special administrative position?
How many sisters does Derek Shepherd have?
What did Izzie's mother used to call her?
What was Izzie's model name?
Which Grey's Anatomy character has a PhD?
What is Derek's middle name?
How many (main) characters have been pregnant at some point?
Who is Derek's favourite band?
What is Izzie's daughter's name?
How many people has George slept with on the show?
How much money did Denny leave Izzie in his will?
What was the first symptom of Susan Grey's fatal illness?
What colour shirt was Derek wearing when he first met Meredith?
What is Meredith and Lexie's sister named?
What did Denny Duquette ultimately die of?
What was the name of Derek and Meredith's dog?
How many people have been given Mc-Titles?
What does Cristina call Alex's brother upon meeting him?
What food-eating competition does Cristina win?
What does the sign that Meredith and Cristina place on the trailer door say?
How many (main) characters have at some point lived in Meredith's house?

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