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Final and most well-known Country
Most famous creation
He ruled from the fortress (Mordor)
Deceived the Elven Smiths under the name
The leader of said Elven Smiths
First Master
Second Master
Original Name
In the Second Age, was captured by
And Taken to the Island of
In Numenor he was known as (good)
In Numenor Known as (bad)
After he drowned, he could no longer
Fortress he ruled before Utumno's fall
How long was he alone in Middle Earth during Y.T?
Captured Which Elven Fortress in the First Age?
Said fortress was renamed
Sauron bred ________ there
He captured __________ while ruling there
He was defeated by
After the War of Wrath, he surrendered to which Maia
Instead of returning to Valinor, he
He worked with Celebrimbor in
In the Battle of the Last Alliance, he was defeated by
He returned late in the Third Age as
In the stronghold of
Until cast out by
His symbol was
He was ultimately defeated by

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