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Can you name who was assassinated by their assassins?

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Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas, USAUnknown
Brutus et. al. in RomeTo preserve the Roman Republic
Gavrillo Princip in Sarajevo, Austro-Hungarian EmpireTo support a Serbian separatist conspiracy
John Wilkes Booth in Washington, D.C.To revive the Confederacy
Ramón Mercader in Mexico City, MexicoTo eliminate Stalin's rivals
James Earl Ray in Memphis, USAUnknown
Otoya Yamaguchi in Tokyo, JapanTo punish the target for advocating socialism over traditional Japanese nationalism
Nathuram Godse in New Delhi, IndiaTo punish the target for accommodating Muslims
Sirhan Sirhan in Los Angeles, USATo punish the target for supporting Israel
Charlotte Corday in Paris, FranceTo gain revenge for the target's participation in the Reign of Terror
Khalid Islambouli et. al. in Cairo, EgyptTo punish the target for signing the Egypt–Israel Peace Treaty
Taldmadge Hayer et. al. in New York, USATo gain revenge for the target leaving the Nation of Islam
Yigal Amir in Tel Aviv, IsraelTo punish the target for supporting the Oslo Accords
Nikolai Rysakov et. al. Saint Petersburg, RussiaTo spur a mass revolt against Tsarism
Pablo Martinez (disputed) in Manila, PhilippinesTo eliminate Marcos' rivals
Mark David Chapman in New York, USAUnknown
Satwant and Beant Singh in New Delhi, IndiaTo gain revenge for Operation Blue Star
Jack Ruby in Dallas, USATo gain revenge for Question #1
Carl Weiss in Baton Rouge, USATo punish the target for supporting a gerrymander
Charles Guiteau in Washington D.C.To gain revenge for being denied a government appointment
Byron De La Beckwith in Jackson, USATo punish the target for support civil rights for African-Americans
Members of Al-Qaeda in Rawalpindi, PakistanTo support Islamic fundamentalism
Dan White in San Francisco, USATo gain revenge for being denied reappointment to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors
Leon Czolgosz in Buffalo, USATo support anarchism
John Bellingham in London, UKTo gain revenge for being denied aid while in debtors prison in Russia
Gaetano Bresci in Monza, ItalyTo avenge the Bava-Beccaris Massace
Patrician mobs in RomeTo punish the targets for supporting land reform
Agents of the Cook County Special Attorney's Office in Chicago, USATo punish the target for being an activist with the Black Panther Party

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