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The largest virus. Its 1,259,197-bp genome is the largest viral genome fully sequenced so far.
The largest bacteria. They are found in the ocean sediments off the coast of Namibia
The smallest bacteria which lives in the primate bladder, waste disposal organs, genital, and respiratory tracts
The largest planet in the Solar System.
The smallest planet in the Solar System.
The largest blood vessel in the human body. It carries oxygenated blood from left ventricle to all tissues in the body.
The smallest blood vessels in the human body. It connects arteries and veins together.
The largest bone in the human body. It is located in the upper leg.
The smallest bone in the human body. It is located inside the ear and measures 3mm long.
The largest mammal, reaching a weight of about 198 US tons and a length of 98'.
The smallest mammal, measuring barely over an inch long. This mammal is found in Thailand.
The largest insects that ever lived. They had wingspans of nearly 2.5 feet.
The smallest free-living insect, the smallest one measuring 0.325 mm.
The largest gland in the human body that is also the largest internal organ.
The smallest gland in the human body; secretes melatonin.
The largest ocean; occupies about one-third of the Earth's surface.
The smallest ocean; located in the northern polar region, this ocean covers approximately 5.4 million square miles.
The flower with the world's largest bloom, the Rafflesia arnoldii, can grow up to _ feet tall.
The world’s smallest flowering plant, found in quiet freshwater lakes or marshes with species worldwide.
The largest lobe of the human brain. It controls important cognitive skills in humans.
The smallest lobe of the human brain; responsible for visual processing.

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