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ClueCharacter nameAnime/Manga
Lost prince of the Raggs Kingdom
Model and actress with a liking for mass murderers
Accidental death god with a giant meat cleaver
The King of Japan (noblesse oblige)
Simply one hell of a butler
The worlds top three detectives - in one (but only if given sweeties)
Girl who must gain love in her search for fame and revenge.
Cursed exorcist with a transforming arm
Student whose aim is to rid the world of criminals - one name at a time.
Demon-like girl who turns into a giant rabbit
12 year old Earl with a demon marked eye
Vampire hunter turned vampire who wields the bloody Rose
Baseball boy turned demon king
Young doctor who must defend his village against the rising dead.
Bishop with a collection of dubious magazines and an evil sythe
Fox eared half spirit with a hatred of Westenisation
Reincarnated death god and chief of staff for the Barnsburg Empire
100 year old vampire who looks about 13 and likes the novels of Seishin Muroi
Wannabe rock star with oddly pink hair and bad luck.
Art student who doubles up a slave to a 12 year old, and a fighter.
Commander of the 15th division, Rozen Maiden

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