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First wordsAnime
There are many mysteries in this world. However, no matter how strange or bizarre and incident, if there were no people, if no one could see it, if it didn't concern them...
I see. I feel a strong pulse.
--- --- We will now pass judgement on you using the chains of conviction. Your crime is your very existence.
--- / Hello sir./ Have some grace about yourself./ Oh. I'm sorry I guess I got carried away./ What are you doing up there anyway?/ Well honestly sir I was thinking about the story.
It's that dream again. Who is that guy? / What's wrong ---?
Where am I? I can't remember anything./ Are you awake now?/ Who?/Welcome to the I-Ain't-Dead-Yet Battlefront.
Don't Panic! The hymn! Don't stop singing!/Withdraw!/ Don't be foolish! If we fall who will protect Assiah?
Thinking back on it now it's fairly strange but on the other hand it makes me think it's nothing out of the ordinary. Either way it was a life changing event for me.
What? Two death's heads again?/ I win! Don't hold it against me./ Hey--- wanna join us? Just for once?/ No. I'm okay.
First wordsAnime
I'll tell only you my real name. Beloved. To be loved. Don't forget it.
Please remove your card and try again./ This one doesn't work either./Please remove your card and try again. Thank you for choosing our service. Welcome/ Pin Code. What is your pin
It's cold/ Pure white snow/ What is snow?/ It is that which is not red./ Something that is red, is what?/Are you lost little girl?/ That is.../ Can I suck your blood?
Exorcists. They are beings chosen by god. They exist to bury the evil that appears from the darkness
August 10th in the year 2010 of the Imperial calendar. The Holy Brittanian Empire declared war on Japan.
Stop right there! Put your hands in the air and turn around slowly. **** he's a Contractor!/ He's headed north-east/ He's a Contractor./ The Astronomy Division confirms...
Once one has rejected faith it is impossible for him to pass through the gates of heaven./ Would someone who believed in God summon you?/ Then I will ask you but once.
There are like four reading rooms but why is it noisy everywhere? Mother in heaven, ten years have passed since then. Rich kids seem like they're just in school to play.
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