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Can you name the Freelance Whales: Weathervanes?

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Beginning LyricsSong TitleSong Length
'We get up early just to start cranking the generator...'3:06
'Do me this solid if you would, pretty lady...'3:37
'I am starting to sense your location...'4:37
No lyrics- First letter 'C'1:17
'Shut me up with your long tubesocks...'3:33
'Well I've been making some cold calculations...'3:19
'October's got those orange eyes...'4:37
Beginning LyricsSong TitleSong Length
No lyrics- First letter 'D'1:14
'Do you ever play with kids in the basement...'5:18
'I am convinced that we could be friends...'4:12
No lyrics- First letter 'V' 1:41
'And I could never tell as a kid what that window door went to...'4:30
'We beg rebirth to take us up. Parade our souls...'4:01

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