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Can you name the World of Warcraft Faction Leaders?

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Stormwind HumansAlso known as 'Lo'gosh.'
ForsakenPreviously the Ranger-General of Silvermoon.
Darkspear TrollsLoyal to Thrall.
Horde OrcsHis temper is as red as his skin.
Night ElvesHigh Priestess of Elune.
GnomesHigh Tinker.
Bloodhoof TaurenDaddy's Boy.
Grimtotem TaurenThe Old Crone.
DraeneiHe sees....the future.
Blood ElvesWe don't hear much from him...
Bilgewater CartelHe's a greedy tool.
WorgenLots of experience under this old guy's belt.
DwarvesRepresentative Body.
The Red Dragonflight Sports a seethrough shawl.
The Black DragonflightUNMAKER OF WORLDS!
The Bronze DragonflightHe's lost- like Waldo!
The Green Dragonflight...also sports a seethrough shawl.
The Blue DragonflightPwned.
The Burning LegionIndescribable
The ScourgeIcy-Hot pads, anyone?
The Kirin TorMentor of Illidan
The Argent CrusadeASHBRINGER!!!
Twilight's HammerThis fool's pretty Bipolar.
Riverpaw GnollsYou are not prepared....
Frostwolf ClanHe's in a wheelchair now!
Bloodsail BuccaneersHas some sweet facial hair.
The ScryersLed a group of blood elves to Shattrath.
The Aldor'The light cleanses all.'
Grimscale MurlocsPillager of the Golden Strand and Tranquil Shore...marauder from the depths...

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